All About Vinyl Fencing For Your Fairfax, VA Home

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The fencing options are nearly limitless for homeowners throughout Northern Virginia, sometimes making it hard to choose between a vinyl fence, a composite fence or even a wooden privacy fence. Vinyl fencing offers some advantages over the other types of fencing, making it a wise choice for many Fairfax, VA homeowners.

Washington, DC and Northern Virginia area homeowners looking for a privacy fence can take assurance from the vinyl privacy fence, which has locking tone and groove pickets. The privacy you seek from a traditional wood privacy fence is achieved seamlessly with a vinyl fence.


Available in white or tan, vinyl privacy fences also utilized vinyl gates for easy access to your home and lawn when needed. The type of vinyl fence gates offered varies by manufacturer, but all are sturdy and strong with supportive hinges for dependability. When purchasing a vinyl fence gate, inspect the hinges to ensure they can align both vertically and horizontally, in addition to offering self-closing through tension adjusting.

The traditional style of picket fencing is available in vinyl fencing as well, with a six-inch tongue and groove vinyl picket the industry standard. The six-inch width is the most commonly selected width because of its stability in high winds and when subjected to great force (or even force from rowdy kids). Next comes the “webbing” in the pickets; many companies use two-webbed picket rather than three-wedded picket simply to reduce costs. The term “webbing” or “webbed” refers to the vinyl reinforcement content inside each picket; the higher the number, the more “webbing” was used in its construction.

For more information on how to best choose the vinyl fencing for your Northern Virginia home, contact the area’s premier vinyl fencing company, Armor Fence. Serving all of the Washington DC metro area, Armor Fence’s professionally trained installation experts provide the highest quality service and nothing but superior products.

Turn Your Northern Virginia Patio Into A Private Paradise With Container Gardening

The hectic day-to-day life that many struggle with in the Washington DC area makes coming home for peace and quiet even that much more important. Turning your patio into a plush, garden paradise is one way to take your evening escape a bit further.

Even though you may not have the desire to plant a full blown vegetable garden, turning your patio into a garden paradise can be as easy as you want it to be. Whether you choose to plant a plethora of vegetables to make even the best farmer’s market jealous, or simply want enough tomatoes and cucumbers to compliment a dinner salad, it can be achieved without ever stepping off your patio.

Planning and imagination are all it takes to make the most of your patio paradise. Using a combination of height-gathering plants, such as tomatoes, and everyday normal house plants you can use the foliage to add privacy to your patio while also producing fresh fruits and vegetables.

While this idea started with apartments and condos, the idea has blossomed into homeowners gardening and creating privacy in their backyard. Choosing to garden in pots or containers eliminates the necessity of digging up a portion of your lawn, while also providing a controlled environment for less work.

Some naysayers may content that container gardening prevents plants from reaching their full potential, but others will say it’s managing your crop to what you can handle. Let’s face it, most people don’t want hours of gardening chores, after a long day of work. Instead, by planting your patio paradise in containers, you reap the benefits (fresh produce and privacy) without the headache of maintenance (no need to weed a potted plant).

Consult with local landscaping experts if you need assistance choosing the right combination of plants and flowers to compliment your patio paradise. Choosing a combination of potted vegetable plants, flowering plants and even shrubs and foliage can create a patio like you ever expected.

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For more information on how to best use your patio, for repairs or construction, contact the patio experts at Armor Fence. Serving all of Northern Virginia, we build patios that last for memories to build on.

Tips On Choosing The Right Patio Furniture For Your Alexandria, VA Home

You spend hours designing the perfect patio for your Northern Virginia home, but what about the patio furniture you will spend hours using? Use these patio furniture tips to find the perfect patio furniture for your outdoor use and never again have to think “I wish I had known” after you make a patio furniture purchase.

Think about how many people you need to comfortably seat outside on your patio. Do you need a table and chair set, an umbrella, chaise lounges or even a freestanding hammock? Plan ahead and all of these items are easily incorporated into your patio furniture design. You may not choose to buy all pieces at once, but leaving room for them for future use is a good idea.

What to do?

  • Make a diagram of the layout you would like to utilize with your patio furniture. Think about where the sun is throughout the day, and make sure seating options are available for both the sunny spots and the shady areas.
  • Use a paste wax on aluminum patio furniture at least twice each year to prevent weather damage to the surface. Cover moving parts with the appropriate lubricant as well to prevent rust and corrosion when not in use.
  • If choosing wicker or rattan furniture for your patio, keep the maintenance requirements in mind. Even though these pieces of patio furniture are visually appealing and create an ambiance of tropical bliss, the sun will dry out the wood and make it less than appealing. Also, wicker is prone to mold and mildew, making it a bit more difficult to care for.
  • Wrought iron patio furniture also should be taken care of to prevent damage from the elements – like sun and water. Remove any spots of rust, scratches or stains with a light abrasive cleaner or scrape it off, then coat the surface with moisture resistant spray point to seal it.

For more information on creating the outdoor patio of your dreams, contact Northern Virginia’s patio experts at Armor Fence. Serving all of the Washington DC metropolitan area, our team of professionals can assist in your every outdoor dream.

Choosing the Right Maintenance-free Fence For Your Northern Virginia Home

With so many quality maintenance-free fence options available to Northern Virginia homeowners, many are left somewhat confused about what type of fence is best for their needs. Choosing the right fence can be the difference between aesthetically pleasing and simply “it’s a fence.” If you just want “a fence” then you probably are not concerned about choosing the right type of fence, but if you want more than that, continue reading for tips on choosing the right type of fence.

Aspects to Consider in you Fence Options

Consider first the design of your home and yard, and then begin considering the type of fence you invest in. The fence you choose should complement your home’s exterior rather than stand out like a misplaced sock in a pantyhose drawer. Choosing the material and color are the biggest factors when basing your choice on the look of the fence, and many homeowners also consider the expense of the materials as well.

Many homeowners in the Leesburg, VA area prefer the look of wrought iron look for areas surrounding the pool or garden. And because most metal tubing is galvanized, there is no better material for durability and resistance to corrosion. Wrought iron fences are also great as security fences at businesses, often with an automatic sliding gate if desired.

A wood picket fence is often appropriate for a Heritage style home. For homeowners who want to achieve a fence look that is modern and contemporary, consider a stained wood and concrete combination for your fence.

Look to your home’s exterior for inspiration when choosing a color for your fence. Whatever type of fence material you choose should match the gutters, roof and window trim for the best curb appeal. However, if you are not concerned about those aspects of the fence, then base your color choice on whatever you personally like better.

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Contact Northern Virginia’s leading fence builders at Armor Fence for the latest trends and information on available fence materials. Serving all of Northern Virginia, our professional and experienced fence builders will keep your property and your lawn safe from unwanted visitors.

Create a Beautiful Chain Link Fence Around Your Northern Virginia Property

Chain link fences provide the essential needs of a fence for your Aldie, VA home, but they are not always the most aesthetically pleasing fence option. But with a little work and some green thumb action, your chain link fence can serve as a beautiful surround, rather than a utilitarian piece of hardware on your property.

Using a selection of plants known as “fence eaters” you can cover the fence and improve the look of your landscape at the same time. Use a variety of many different vines – starting from seeds – to increase the texture, colors and shapes of your chain link fence. Vines are typically some of the easiest plants to start from seeds, as both germination and growth are quick and simple. Starting from seeds also saves you money and the ability to accomplish the growth from beginning to end.

If your goal is to quickly cover your chain link fence, choosing to use a vine may be a better option for you. Vine plants like Clematis and Wisteria may take years to bloom when planted from a seed, so in this situation starting with a vine is always the best choice. Perennial vines also are best started from vines rather than seeds, especially if blooms are you overriding goal – in addition to covering your chain link fence of course.

Annual vines nearly always grow faster than their perennial counterparts, but the tradeoff is less full foliage. Consider using a combination of both annuals and perennials for the best results. The combination is likely to produce a mix of large leaves with early and profuse blooms. As you wait for the perennials to fill in, which may take several years, you can get coverage with multiple annuals in the meantime.

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Armor Fence, serving all of the Washington DC metro area including the Northern Virginia region, is the area’s leading fence experts. Call today to learn more about how to create the barrier and privacy you want, no matter what type of fence you have in mind.

Types of Wood Used to Build Fencing on Your Centreville, VA Property

The fence around your home can transform any outdoor area and enhance the overall style and décor of your Northern Virginia home. The type of wood you choose to construct your fence is as important as the height or the style of the fence. Consider using any of these materials suitable when building a wood fence around your Aldie, VA home or business.

Cedar and Redwood are popular choices for wood fencing because of their durability and strength. Although not common throughout all parts of the country, redwood or cedar are both readily available through special orders or specialty stores.

Many Dunn Loring, VA homeowners choose untreated spruce in the form of prefabricated sections of picket and stockade-fence due to the ease and convenience of the pre-assembled pieces. Used in conjunction with pressure treated fence posts, all parts of the wood fence should be treated annually with a water repellant to ensure the best chance of longevity from your wood fence. If the untreated spruce are not protected from water, the lifespan will be reduced by as much as 50 percent and will show signs of aging within three or four years.

Pressure-treated pine is the standard lumber used to create a wood fence, as it has been treated to prevent warping. Although many homeowners may not like the immediate look of pressure-treated pine, the benefits are often worth it.

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For more information and tips on choosing the right type of wood used to create your Woodbridge, VA fence, contact the area’s leading fence building experts at Armor Fence today. Armor Fence has nearly two decades of experience installing fences in the Northern Virginia area. Offering a full line of fencing options including wood, vinyl, ornamental steel/aluminum and chain link, our team of highly trained professionals create a beautiful statement around your home or office.

Chain Link Fence FAQs for Northern Virginia Residents

Homeowners are often put-off by the idea of chain link fencing for their property, typically because they are unfamiliar with the materials and design used. The practical purpose of most fences is the same – to keep people and animals in or out of the yard, it’s only the material and design that really changes. With the help of these chain link fence FAQs, you may change your mind about chain link fences.

What is a chain link fence made of?

Chain link fences are made of pieces of wire woven together to form links – hence, the name chain link fence. The material, or fabric, is made of a variety of different sized wires, called the gauge. The gauge of the wire is determined by its diameter – the higher the gauge the smaller the wire. Common gauges include 6 gauge, 9 gauge, 11 gauge, 11 ½ gauge, 12 gauge and 12 ½ gauge.

How tall are chain link fences?

While theoretically a chain link fence could be made nearly any height you desire, but there are industry standards that may make your decision easier. Typically, chain link fences are 36″, 42″, 48″, 60″, 72″, 84″, 96″, 120″ and 144″ – basically three to 12 feet in height.

Are different types of chain link gates available for Aldie, VA homeowners?

The chain link fence offers two types of gates for residential use, a single walk or double drive gate. As indicated by the name, the size of the gate depends on the type of use. For example, a single walk gate is made to allow for the passing of objects and people; a double drive gate is twice as big and allows for the passing of a vehicle through the gate. As for aesthetic options, standard gates may have simple decorative touches but for a truly unique look a custom gate may be a better option for your Centreville, VA home.

For more information on chain link fences and whether it is the right option for your home, contact the fence professionals at Armor Fence today.

Commonly Asked Questions About Vinyl Fences From Arlington, VA Homeowners

When people throughout the Northern Virginia area, including Arlington, VA, think about fences for their property, most automatically think of wood or chain link fences based on previous experience and tradition. But, when considering the additional options available in today’s market, these homeowners may change their opinion. One of the newest types of fence is vinyl fencing, but since most people know very little – or nothing – about vinyl fencing, we put together this list of frequently asked questions about vinyl fencing to help you out.

What Is Vinyl Fencing Constructed Of?

Commonly known as PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, it is a compound made with a high level of Titanium Dioxide that enables the material to keep its color longer while remaining quite strong and resistant. The combination of materials is ultra-violet light resistant and can withstand the constant exposure to the sun’s harmful rays, as well as the other natural weather elements that come into play in Arlington, VA and all of Northern Virginia. The materials used to make vinyl fencing are very similar to those used to make other vinyl products, such as vinyl siding and vinyl windows, and has a longstanding history of providing long-lasting durability.

What Colors Does Vinyl Fencing Come In?

Most vinyl fences are constructed in either white or almond, a perfect to match the exterior of your home and compliment the surroundings. The titanium dioxide – the product used to make the vinyl fencing keep its color and texture – is white, which makes tinting it to dark shades difficult. Since dark colors attract the sun and heat which could ultimately lead to warping or other sun damage, manufacturers have chosen to remain true to the material and produce vinyl fencing in these light colors.

Is a Vinyl Fence Fire Resistant?

The materials used to construct a vinyl fence around your Northern Virginia home are in fact fire resistant. PVC has a fire point temperature of 900 degrees, making it unlikely to burn – especially since it does not ignite easily. Also, vinyl fencing is considered “self-extinguishing,” meaning it will not continue to burn if it is set afire.

For more information on how to use vinyl fencing around your Arlington, VA or Northern Virginia property, contact our vinyl fence experts at Armor Fence Co. today.

Tips On Keeping Your Arlington, VA Vinyl Fence Clean

Vinyl fencing is a relatively new idea to many property owners in the Arlington, VA and Northern Virginia area. Which means many are faced with questions regarding its care and maintenance. Rather than guessing and getting it wrong, here are some tips for keeping your vinyl fence clean and keep it looking new longer.


  • Clean your vinyl fence. The fence is outside, obviously, and exposure to the elements of Northern Virginia is likely to make the vinyl fence dirty at some point. Care and cleaning of the vinyl fence however is as easy as using soap and water. Most residues can be easily removed from the surface of your vinyl fence using a mild detergent and hot water, but for tough stains you may have better luck with baking soda and water. Other cleaning products designed for gentle cleaning may work as well, but always check the manufacturer’s guidelines before applying any chemical to your vinyl fence.
  • Protect your vinyl fence; keep lawn equipment away from it. Wood and PVC products, such as a vinyl fences, do not withstand contact with lawn care equipment well. Use caution when trimming near the fence posts with lawn mowers and weed eaters. Continued abuse of the vinyl fence posts by this type of aggressive equipment can lead to damage to the fence posts.
  • Don’t be alarmed by mold or mildew. When exposed to the natural elements of Arlington, VA, your vinyl fence may develop mold or mildew. However, unlike wood fences, when these pesky intruders appear, it can easily be removed using a simple solution of hot water and household detergent.

If you have questions about keeping your Northern Virginia property secure with a vinyl fence or about cleaning the vinyl fence that are not answered here, just give us a call. Our team of vinyl fence experts will happily answer your questions and help you protect your investment.

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Vinyl Fencing For Your Arlington, VA Home

The fencing industry has changed through the years, and now homeowners in the Northern Virginia, especially those in the Arlington, VA area, want to know more about vinyl fencing. The material itself is not new, as it has been used in vinyl siding and vinyl windows for many years, but the application of turning that material into a fence is a somewhat new idea. With that in mind, we have put together this list of questions we commonly receive about vinyl fencing.

I’m worried my vinyl fence will turn yellow. Should I?

The truth of the matter is whether or not your vinyl fence will turn yellow when exposed to the weather conditions of Arlington, VA – or those throughout all of Northern Virginia – is it may – unless you buy a quality vinyl fence. Vinyl fencing that contains titanium dioxide prevents damage from ultraviolet rays, which is what would turn the vinyl fence yellow. A quality vinyl fence will come with a warranty against discoloration, which is typically transferrable between owners.

Will my vinyl fence break due to extreme heat or cold?

As is true with nearly all plastic-based materials, vinyl fencing does become less flexible in cold weather. But, unless the vinyl fence is subjected to an unusual amount of force or impact, it will not break. The fence material will contract and expand due to temperature changes, like most materials, but the vinyl fence is manufactured to withstand the temperature changes such as those in Arlington, VA.

Is a vinyl fence durable?

The vinyl used to make vinyl fencing is constructed with a chemical compound that enhances durability. The resulting product meets or exceeds the industry standards for the performance of the vinyl fences.

I have specific fence designs in mind, can vinyl fencing be customized?

Nearly any fence design you can imagine in wood or iron can be constructed from vinyl fencing material as well. The material does not limit the options available for your Arlington, VA home. The styles available vary greatly, but if you cannot find what you are looking for, custom vinyl fences and gates are available as well.

To learn more about fences and how to fit one into your Northern Virginia lifestyle, contact our team of vinyl fence experts at Armor Fence Co. today. Serving all of Northern Virginia, including Arlington, VA, Manassas Park, VA and Vienna, VA, we always strive to exceed your expectations.